Call for International Days of Solidarity with Russian Anarchist Political Prisoners Feb 5th-12th, 2018

In October of 2017 in Penza six anarchists and antifascists were arrested by officers of Federal Security Service on a charge of creating a terrorist group. Moreover, in that time the period of raids in anarchists and antifascists houses has started all over Russia. The objects of Security Services attention were different people from absolutely different towns. At last, a new wave of detentions was launched in January of 2018. An antifascist Victor Filinkov was kidnapped by Security Service in Saint Petersburg. The officers of Federal Security Service have been torturing him in the forest out of the city. They told Victor to admit his participation in mythical anarchy-terrorist group. Unable to withstand the torture Filinkov was forced to incriminate himself and now he is remaining in temporarily-stay isolation. Filinkovs lawyer claims that he has never seen so serious damages and trails of the torture during his practice of struggle with a police outrage.

There is another antifascist who has claimed about torture in St. Petersburg. Ilya Kapustin was also threatened by officers from FSS, but he has refused to incriminate himself and after that he was released on bail. There weren’t any proofs that anarchy-terrorist group exists in real life, only the confessions gained by the threats and torture.

Nevertheless, police is doing everything in order to force people to confirm an existence of mythical terrorist organization named Net, spoofed by FSS. The officers affirm that this organization has a lot of branches in every town. It means that the situation which has occurred in Saint Petersburg will be observed in the other Russian towns very soon.

Obviously, everything whats going on in our time is an attempt to clear out an anarchist movement before the Elections of the President in 2018. In recent years we could see how the anarchist movement increased its activity after the repressions of 2012 year. These repressions can only intimidate people and crush the anarchist movement. n this case its necessary to show that we are not afraid and we cant be destroyed by their force. Otherwise, the repressions will be used every time when the anarchist movement calls an attention of FSS. We should show them that the stronger their repressions, the more furious will be our resistance. Now its important to support the prisoners, to prevent the continuation of the witch-hunting and give a global publicity for this event.  We call you for a solidarity campaign with repressed anarchists from the 5th till 12th of February.

Arrange different street actions, evenings of solidarity, distribute information in the media and in the Internet. Do everything you can come up and implement.

The only one weapon we can counter the face of the state terror is the unity and solidarity with each other. Without these two things we will be crushed by this monster one by one.

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Support anarchist and antifa prisoners in St.Petersburg and Penza!

,We are currently fundraising to pay the lawyers working on several cases related to the police raids and arrests of anarchists and antifascists in St. Petersburg and Penza, Russia.

As of now, two people in St. Petersburg and five in Penza are under arrest, while many others have been connected to their cases as witnesses. The raids and repressions are likely to continue.

The arrestees are charged with part 2 of article 205.4 of the Russian Criminal Code, participation in a Terrorist Organisation, and the entire process has been started at the request of the court in Penza.

On January 23rd, on his way to Pulkovo Airport, Victor Filinkov was detained by the Federal Security Service (FSB). In order to force a testimony out of him he was beaten, and tortured with electric shocks in the woods. Signs of torture have been confirmed by the Filinkov's lawyer and members of the Public Monitoring Commission (ONK) who have visited him in the pre-trial detention center. Filinkov is currently in pre-trial detention/remand for the next two months.

On January 25th the FSB raided Igor Shishkin's apartment. After the raid neither his lawyer, nor members of Public Monitoring Commission were able to find Igor for more than a day. On January 27th Igor was brought to a session in court with clear signs of beating. He is currently in pre-trial detention/remand for the next two months. Journalists were not allowed to attend the hearing and furthermore two of them were arrested.

Several witnesses were also tortured: Ilya Kapustin was beaten up and tortured with electric shocks while police demanded he give testimony that some of his acquantances are up to "something dangerous." Medical services later recorded numerous traces of stun gun usage.

In Penza, arrests began in October 2017. Local FSB officers have arrested six people, five of whom are currently in pre-trial detention. All of those arrested were brutally tortured. The events in Penza are described in detail in this article.

Legal help is needed for prisoners and witnesses, as their numbers are constantly increasing. It is early to speak about an exact amount of money, but it will cost at least 200 thousand rubles (around 3000 Euros/3500 USD) to pay for lawyers' fees in the next months. 

Anarchist Black Cross St.Petersburg


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Antifaschist und anarchist aus Russland Hilfe und Solidarität brauch

Guten Tag, ich heiße Oleg Serebrennikov.

Ich bin 32 Jahre alt, Antifaschist und Sozialist seit 15 Jahren, das heißt einer der wenigen, die von Anfang an, seit Entstehung der antifaschistischen Bewegung in Ischewsk und Russland dabei waren. Wenn man das überhaupt so sagen kann.

Während dieser Zeit haben Nazis und die Polizei permanent versucht, mir das Leben schwer zu machen – Angriffe und Bedrohungen von Seiten der Neonazis, und Versuche der Polizei, mir kriminelle Delikte anzuhängen. Am 23. Februar 2004, nach einer Antikriegs-Aktion gegen den Tschetschenien-Krieg, haben mich Nazis angegriffen und fast umgebracht. Sie waren ca. 20-25 Leute, und für mich ging die Sache schlimm aus, ich landete im Krankenhaus. Es wurden eine schwere Gehirnerschütterung, Gehirnprellung mit Bluterguss und eine Reihe anderer Probleme diagnostiziert. Leider habe ich in den Krankenhäusern am Anfang keine gute Behandlung bekommen, deshalb verschlechterte sich mein Gesundheitszustand einige Jahre nach dem Angriff ernsthaft.

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